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Benefits of Translation

Translating your documents or website will:

  • Dramatically increase your company’s foreign sales! Customers love to be addressed in their own language, and they respond! They’ll feel confident in your company’s offerings, and strong customer confidence translates into sales! (if you’ll excuse pun!)
  • Attract foreign customers to your Web site, and open up new export markets, even if you never considered exporting before! Plus, you can make your dream of global e-commerce a reality with a multilingual online store! It’s easier than you think.
  • Deliver Web site hits from foreign search engines. Simply translate the keywords and key phrases in your meta tags! (Of course, you should also have multilingual pages for them to read once they arrive at your site!)
  • Greatly simplify, smooth out and speed up all your import and export activities, saving you a massive amount of time and money! You’ll be able to launch new products in overseas markets as smoothly as possible!
  • Bring you overseas partners with new ideas to take your business in directions you never imagined!
  • Greatly reduce your cost of customer support by translating all your product documentation, FAQs and help files into the languages your customers understand!
  • Avoid costly legal disputes by ensuring that all contracts, terms and conditions of sale, disclaimers and company policies are thoroughly understood by everyone!
  • Bring you into compliance with laws or recommendations to have the user guidelines for your products translated into the language of your end-users. Even aside from the legal issues, this is a matter of courtesy to your customers!
  • Avoid human harm and costly personal-injury lawsuits caused by people misusing your products as a result of their failure to understand the operating instructions properly. Play it safe!
  • Give you the image of a world-class, professional company! All leading corporations which operate multinationally have multilingual Web sites or maintain separate sites for different markets in which they operate. Join them. This strategy works!
  • Bring you many more important or “blue-chip” customers and partners as a result of your new world-class, professional image! They’ll view you as a serious player on the same playing field as themselves. This can translate into dream contracts!
  • If you translate foreign companies’ Web sites, provide you with valuable business intelligence about how companies in your line of business operate in other countries. What products do they manufacture or sell and how do they go about it? Using this foreign intelligence, you can take your own business in exciting new directions. Without translation, this potentially vital intelligence may as well not exist.
  • Give you an immediate and permanent advantage over all your competitors who aren’t wise enough to translate!
  • Repay the cost of translation faster than you’d ever imagine! The more you translate, the faster you will reap the benefits!

Don’t delay. Get ahead of the competition by taking action now to ensure that the future is a prosperous one for your company. Remember the importance of your company’s ideas. If these bright ideas cannot be effectively communicated to the people most interested in them, wherever those people are, you will lose out. Translation is one of the most proactive ways to switch on the power of your company’s ideas, to bring these ideas out of obscurity and into the light of the world. Translation opens up your long-term business opportunities in ways you can’t yet envisage, but its benefits begin immediately! To put it simply, translation gives you the freedom to communicate. Anywhere!

I have conducted business in some 29 countries around the world. I am therefore used to the importance of local language. Yet, to date, I have not seen a translator of the accuracy of Kerstin. She is very determined, gets to the task on hand very accurately and provides excellent value. Those who are in business should seriously consider hiring her services!
Jorge Zuazola (Frankfurt, Germany)